New Corvera International Airport - Murcia

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Murcia’s new Corvera International Airport is finally completed and is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2018, with regular flights arriving and departing as soon as the summer of 2018. Of course this will mean the closing of Murcia’s existing airport at San Javier, but with tourist numbers increasing and Property buyers once again “flocking” to Spain, it is vital this new airport at Corvera opens to bring the fantastic region of Murcia into the 21st Century!

At Calida International Properties, we have been advised that there will be a period of diverted flights for the first few months just to check that all facilities, ground crews, baggage handlers, etc. are ready for the flights, after that they will start to schedule the flights in after all new routes have been designated.

We were invited to a VIP tour of the new airport at Corvera (July 2017) we had the opportunity to drive along the runway and inspect the terminal, baggage reclaim areas, shops, etc. and we were amazed, the airport is massive, but fully kitted out and basically ready to open, so it really is “all systems go” for Corvera International Airport in 2018.

The contract to manage and run the new International Airport at Corvera in Murcia, has now been narrowed down to just 3 companies, with AENA, looking like the favourite to win the contract.

Las Colinas Golf is about 40 minutes’ drive from the new airport at Corvera and with Alicante airport about 30 minutes’ drive, there will be no shortage of flights to bring you from the wet and cold of the UK and Ireland to enjoy your new home at Las Colinas Golf and Country Club. So with the Property market once again booming in Spain, and with increased tourist numbers arriving daily, it looks like the new opening of Corvera International Airport cannot come soon enough.

At Calida International Properties, we have already seen a huge increase in enquiries from clients looking to purchase property at Las Colinas Golf, so we expect to be even busier when the new Corvera opens in 2018.

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The new International airport at Corvera will also have Trans-Atlantic flights capability, so expect plenty more visitors from the USA and Canada.