Calida International Properties are pleased to offer our own in-house professional Independent Mortgage Services. La Vida Mortgages (LVM) are an independent advice company and work solely on your behalf working with all Spanish and UK lenders that currently lend for non-residents looking to purchase on Las Colinas Golf and Country Club.

We have successfully completed on over half a billion Euros in lending on Spanish mortgages making us one of the most experienced Real Estate agents and specialist mortgage advice companies working on your behalf at Las Colinas.

Receiving the correct advice initially is very important to make sure you do not enter in to an unsuitable mortgage in Spain, changing your mortgage product after completion of your purchase can be a costly and stressful process. We will guarantee to make sure you do not end up being one of the buyers caught out signing for a Spanish Mortgage product that is not fully understood or entirely appropriate.

We will explain to you in clear English how Spanish Mortgages work, what to watch out for and how to ensure you have the most suitable Spanish mortgage for your requirements.

Mortgages in Spain have fundamental legal differences to mortgages in the UK even if provided by a familiar and known name.

We will ensure you know what your mortgage in Spain looks like, how it will work, what it will cost to arrange, monthly payments and on what basis your rates will be reviewed and you can be assured that we will find the very best mortgage product to suit your specific requirements.

We offer a complete mortgage solution for your property purchase on Las Colinas and provide you with the best independent advice available, so contact us now and let the professionals take the stress out of your purchase at Spain’s newest luxury 5 star golf resort.